Advanced Training Centre

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The Advanced Training Centre Student Support Centre offers full-time or part-time studies in preparation for completion of the General Education Diploma (GED). Head office is in Alberton Johannesburg. 

One-On-One Training & Help 

Finish What You Started…With Guidance

The Advanced Training Centre Student Support Centre offers full time or part time studies in preparation for completion of the General Education Diploma (GED). 011 907 3273

Leading Home Education Academy utilizes the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) programme. ACE meets the requirements of the National Curriculum Statement and provides proven quality home study material that is adaptable to individual needs.

Qualified advisors assist families by evaluating diagnostic tests, prescribing curriculum and answering academic questions.

When enrolling with the Leading Home Education Academy, you will receive the full service of a school administration office.


  • Book diagnostic testing for your child / children.
  • Submit application forms for registration with LHEA together with proof of registration payment. A transfer card and letter of release must be submitted with the application forms.
  • Upon successful registration of your home school with ACE, a starter kit will be provided and parent training will be given.
  • All senior learners between 13 and 18 years must attend the ACE Student Convention at least once in their high school career.


  • Diagnostic Testing and Evaluation
  • Academic Advice
  • Assistance with Registration with the DoE
  • Transcript Services
  • Assistance with Academic Projections for Graduation
  • Assistance with Registrations and Training
  • Quarterly Assessments
  • Ordering of Curriculum Materials
  • Annual Prize Giving
  • Annual Personalised Skills and Abilities Test


About Us

Our Mission

We undertake to respond to the dynamics of the ever-changing market with the most relevant, up-to-date solutions for our customers. We will demonstrate constant commitment to customer success. We will creatively meet each customer’s specific requirements through up-to-date, high-quality curriculum services and solutions in order to maximize their potential. We will maintain visible and meaningful partnerships with the community through networking with other like-minded entities. We will ensure that we meet the highest standards for quality products, service and delivery. We will create opportunity for the growth and success of Advanced Training Centre in the education, training and development sectors.

Our Vision

To guide individuals in the community to reach their potential through a unique blend of education, training and development solutions

Our Employees

All of our staff are committed to ensuring that our services as well as our educational training and programs meet or exceed the requirements of governmental departments, accreditation bodies and independent educational associations. Our trainers facilitate learning and manage the learning environment to create optimum learning conditions. Advanced Training Centre will be acknowledged by all stakeholders as a model institution based on the excellence of its training programs, professionalism and positive impact on the community.

Study Centre

  • Grade 9 -12
  • Full time or part time studies
  • General Education Diploma
  • Grade 12 alternative
  • NQF level 4
  • Accepted for tertiary studies

Home Schooling

Leading Home Education Academy is the Gauteng host academy for home schools using the ACE curriculum.

    • Grade 1 – 12
    • Bible-based curriculum
    • General Education Diploma

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